The past nine years has been extraordinary for Minnie’s Food Pantry.  Your generosity and unwavering support has demonstrated your deep commitment to our mission and has played a vital role in the lives of over 300,000 people.   As we began to prepare for the celebration on Saturday, I was asked to meet with Bob who serves at the Dallas Homeless VA and the meeting brought me to tears.

Last year, we met Michael who literally begged me to provide meals for the veterans for Thanksgiving because they didn’t have funding,  I agreed because I said my father was a Marine to which he replied “He is a Marine”.  I smiled and as we passed out food and hugs to our veterans I kept thinking that our veterans  should never have to worry about a meal.  We served over 250 families that day and now we have agreed to launch a huge food program to execute for the veterans in addition to our other current services.  We agreed to provide 500 or more meals/homeless bags per month to our veterans.  Unfortunately, this program is not an option, it requires us to serve those who served our country.

I made this promise to because the veterans are the people who promise, if necessary, to give their lives for you and me.  Honestly, i am scared.  This road travelled has not been easy.  We have had some incredible memories but in the process, life has happened.  When I lost my mother, I wasn’t sure I could continue this mission but YOU and our incredible community helped our organization continue our mission.  I promise I don’t have all the answers, but what I do have is a question.  Can I count on you to continue to help provide meals for those less fortunate than we are?  Can I count on to respond with a recurring monthly donation of at least $10.00 or more per per month starting now?  

My staff and I have seen hunger first hand in the eyes of infants, children and even our senior citizens and without your support we could not have helped them.  Please make the decision now to continue your support and I look forward to embarking upon another year of feeding those that need something as simple as a meal.  Please remember,  Small is Big and I hope to see you Saturday.