Minnie’s Resale Boutique is not your typical thrift store. It’s a place where shoppers can find a pair of Louis Vuittons at a fourth of the cost. We’re going to bring a little Hollywood to Plano, Texas,” said Cheryl “Action” Jackson. “These shoes scream ‘I gotta have them!

Jackson is the driving force behind Minnie’s Food Pantry in Plano. The pantry is named after her beloved mother. Now she’s expanding the mission to feed the hungry with the resale shop.

“Some prices could be as low as 99 cents and some prices could be as high as $500, but you’re getting a deal no matter which way you go,” she said.

Jackson said she didn’t want the shop to have a traditional thrift store feel.

“We want this place to be – you get a deal, they get a meal,” she said.

The food pantry has gained celebrity support over the past nine years. So Jackson asked if they would help with clothing donations for the boutique too.

“I called Rocket and Melani Ismeal and they came with two truckloads full,” she said